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Real American Wrestleblog Live Reactions – Extreme Rules 2015 – Diva’s Championship

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Naomi comes out with new music to go with her new attitude.    I think the Bellas may be almost done with the company, so they may be building Naomi to take over as the top heel diva and work against Charlotte and Paige over the summer.  She takes on Nikki Bella for the title tonight and they have to remind us several times that Naomi put Paige out of action and stole her spot in this match.

This is the second interesting heel vs. semi-heel match-up of the night.  I guess it is nice to see WWE getting away from the cookie cutter stereotypical babyface vs. heel programs.

Much like the United States Championship match a few minutes ago, I’m gonna stay away from the play-by-play reactions on this one, though I do expect a better match out of Naomi and Nikki than I did out of that Russian Chain tug of war contest.

Naomi scores several near falls early, Nikki hits a highlight as she steals a page from Stardust’s book with the Beautiful Disaster Kick.  Brie interferes and kicks Naomi in the face and Nikki hits the Rack Attack for the win.  Could have stood to have that match go on a little longer.  I was pleasantly surprised by the action in this one.  I like Naomi and Cameron’s athleticism and innovation in the ring, though I don’t care much for either character or either of their mic work.  Plus, Cameron is kind of a dufus.  I still remember her trying to pin Naomi while Naomi was flat on her stomach instead of on her back.  The sooner we replace some of these background Divas on the roster now like Cameron and Rosa Mendes with the ladies from NXT, the better.

I do expect Naomi to be the next champion, though I wasn’t expecting it tonight.  It should happen soon though.


Written by Arron Hustead

April 27, 2015 at 1:41 am

2 Responses

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  1. I gotta say I was really overly frustrated with the result, but I am just hoping and praying this is just a minor set back. The match was great in my opinion, but the result was not what I wanted. I love the new music! Somehow I just knew that would happen tonight. She must feel good coming out to her own track! I can’t wait to see whats next, but I have a feeling this isnt over. Maybe a rematch tomorrow? Its not new for an interferance to become grounds for a rematch. If I was booking this Id have Naomi make it a fair match by taking Brie out before she can even make it to the ring.

    John Sapida

    April 27, 2015 at 4:51 am

    • Naomi making it a “fair” match doesn’t really fit her character any more, though attacking Brie would. She’s mid heel shift at the moment, so she’d make it unbalanced in her favor or take it on the chin again and lose. However, I do expect her to win the championship within the next two months, depending on what the Bellas future plans are. And the night she does it will likely not be against Nikki one-on-one because you don’t set up your next heel champion by having her cheat to beat your current heel champion. You have her cheat to beat a face or steal the win from a face in a Triple Threat.

      Arron Hustead

      April 27, 2015 at 5:10 am

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