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Is Attitude Making a Comeback?

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To answer my own question, it certainly appears so for the time being.  Internet wrestling community, keep your fingers crossed.

For the past two weeks, the biggest perceived offender to the wrestling fans who can trace their viewing lineage back to the Attitude Era – John Cena, has had his lip busted open, been low blowed and suffered the F-5 twice.

And low blows have been few and far between since the end of the era of Ruthless Aggression.

And that’s just part of the trends that make attitude appear to be on the rise.

CM Punk and Chris Jericho are getting about as edgy and intense as a storyline rivalry can go with curse words flying, alcoholic beverages making their first appearance in a long time.  Until Jericho started dousing Punk with whiskey and giving him beer baths in the middle of the ring, even Stone Cold Steveweisers hadn’t been flying around with any regularity (maybe 1-2 times a year, if that).

On top of that, referees suddenly find themselves in the line of fire again after Sheamus kicked Chad Patton’s head off on Smackdown two weeks ago.  And that’s a face Brogue Kicking the referee into oblivion.  I can’t remember the last time I saw a face attack a referee on purpose.  Maybe it was Undertaker on Scott Armstrong after the Breaking Point screw job, but I think his anger was more focused on Teddy Long, if I’m remembering correctly.  And even so, Undertaker never really changed for the PG-era anyway, even though pretty much everybody else did.  And Sheamus went through his big apology on Smackdown this past week to continue to set a good example for the child fans, but I for one kind of get the feeling that it hasn’t happened for the last time.

And while it stands out to me, this last bit might not be apparent to everybody, but back in the attitude era, almost everybody was wearing black or darker colors, but then the PG-era has been filled with bright greens, reds, oranges and blues to correspond with whatever shirts John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, or any of the other wrestlers that fans 12 and under cheer for.  But then last week on Raw, everything felt more serious because lots of wrestlers were wearing black.  For instance, I had gotten very used to seeing Yoshi Tatsu with his bright red and white face paint and his neon green, blue, red or yellow tights, but when he fought Tensai on Raw last week, he was wearing almost all black tights and the bright face paint was gone.  Even Cena’s last two shirts have been black and dark green.

The table was more or less set last summer for attitude to make a comeback when CM Punk’s rants about bucking the system landed him the hottest storyline of the summer, the WWE Championship and what has to be the hottest selling WWE t-shirt in a long time.  I have yet to see a show since his white “Best in the World” t-shirt went on sale that the arena wasn’t filled with them.  That had to send a message to the powers that be that fans were aching for a change and the return of attitude.  I know the fans that frequent internet wrestling chat rooms and fan sites have been perennially pissed off since the attitude era ended and have been very vocal about it, but I think for the first time we saw just how much the mainstream fans were ready for a new direction.

Only time will tell, but to this wrestling fan 2012 is looking ripe for a resurgence in attitude.